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We all want our children to be able to read correctly.
Whether you’re a parent or a tutor, teaching children how to read English can be a daunting odyssey.
Here at MyReadingKids.com we strive to help you with this difficult task by offering a great number of teaching resources.
Most of all, we try to make our resources fun and engaging.
We believe this is the key to develop good reading skills and a healthy urge to keep reading and learning.


Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.frederick douglas quote

– Frederick Douglas

We did all the work for you!

Whether you’re looking for leveled educational books, lesson plans or audio files, the only thing you need to do is click download and you’re ready to go!
We made sure all our teaching resources line up with each other and going up in levels doesn’t mean more work.
The resources we provide are made to be used immediately after downloading them.
That means you don’t need to prepare anything, you don’t need to use your valuable time to plan the lessons, it’s all here and ready for you.

The picture below shows you how our resources will make your child or student a better reader.

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