Level J - More suffixes and Rhymes (Poems)

Here you will find our selection of printable fourth grade books.
In this level we will concentrate on more suffixes and Rhymes (Poems).

A rhyme is a repetition of words with the same sound.
The part which sounds the same is usually the last syllable of poems and songs.

Rhymes are a great way to learn repeating patterns in words and stories.
It also adds a lot of fun and makes reading an enjoyable experience.

We keep the rhyming simple and straightforward in these books.
This means we will only rhyme with the last word in each sentence.

Note that not all the books in this level are about rhyming words.
Some books focus more on new suffixes.
Some books contain a story which doesn’t really focus on a certain aspect of the English language.
However, all the books in level J are slightly more difficult than the books in level I.

Check the description of each books to see what is focuses on.

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