Level K - S sounds & C sounds

Here you will find our selection of printable fourth grade books.
In this level we will focus on the different sounds of the s and the c.

There are two sounds an s can make.
It can sound like a normal s (as in snow) or like a z (as in words and kids).

Knowing when to pronounce s as a z is not always easy to understand, that’s why we focus on this problem with some books in this level.

The letter c can sound like k (as in car) or like s (as in city).
When the letter c makes the sound of k, we call is a hard c; when the letter c makes the sound of s, it is called a soft c.

Students don’t always know when to pronounce the hard or soft c.
The letter c makes the hard k sound when it appears before the letters a, o or u.
For example, listen to the sound of c in these words: cord, curd, card.
When c appears before the vowels e or i, or the consonant y, it makes a soft c sound: certain, city, cycle.

The books in this level give more practice with these sounds.

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