Level N - Unusual spellings

Here you will find our selection of printable fifth grade books.
In this level we will focus on unusual spellings in the English language.

Some people say that the English language isn’t a phonetic language.
More accurately would be, English isn’t a completely phonetic language.
Because about 85 percent of the language general sounds the way it’s spelled, you can say that the English language is about 85 percent phonetic.

This level focuses on the 15 percent of the English language which isn’t phonetic.
We’ll look at vowel combinations to help your student become a better speller and reader.
This level takes you through the troublesome ie (as in field), ea (as in great), ou (as in cough), ew (as in blew), and the ei (as in eight) vowel digraphs.

Your student will discover how to pronounce these sounds and pick up a few tricks to help him remember how to spell them.

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