Level Q - The 'ou' sound

Here you will find our selection of printable sixth grade books.
In this level we will focus on the many different sounds of ou.

The most difficult digraph to master is the ou combination, which is also a diphthong.
The ou combination is two vowels coming together to make a completely new sound (as in out, pout and shout).
The letters ou represent 7 different sounds in total:

The /ou/ sound, as in out and about.
The ō sound, as in soul and though.
The ǒ sound, as in cough and ought.
The ŭ sound, as in trouble and country.
The third sound of o, as in soup and group.
The third sound of u, as in could.
The ur sound, as in courage and nourish.

This level looks into these troublesome ou words.
Knowing the meanings of these words and using the sound clips or a tape recorder to reinforce the sounds is a great help with the ou words.

One last thing: Young learners usually find these three ou words the most confusing: though, thought, and through.

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