Level S - Prefixes & Suffixes part 2

Here you will find our selection of printable seventh grade books.
In this level we will dig deeper into the prefixes and suffixes of the English language.

This level focuses on the use of root words as units of meaning.
Some people call it a root word, but it is also known as a base word.

Prefixes and suffixes are placed before and after a root word to create a new word.
Prefixes tend to change the meaning of words.
Suffixes tend to make a word a different part of speech, change the meaning, and change the tense, among other things.

A student who understands what root words are and how they can be changed by prefixes and suffixes can greatly improve her aptitude for reading and spelling.
The student can increase his vocabulary by leaps and bounds.

The goal of this level is for your student to instantly recognize root words, prefixes and suffixes while reading.

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